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What makes our coffee taste so damn good? 

  • Elevation between 1800 - 2300 meters  (6000 + ft)

  • Soil that is rich and volcanic    

  •  Flavour notes from citrus, vanilla, and caramel  to dark chocolate and cinnamon     

  • Varietals of Bourban, Typica, and Nysandthal

  • And ... the most important - Care!

QCUP flavour wheel.jpg

Our coffees have been professionally graded as a specialty coffee with a score of 85+ !!


If this doesn't mean anything to you, it's basically just saying that the coffee is of premium quality and is delicious...


...keep reading to find out the unique flavor notes of from each region 

Bwindi Arabica Coffee.jpg
Our flagship iconic Coffee, Bwindi Rainforest Coffee, is the ambassador for mountain gorillas in the Bwindi Forest and Kigeizi region. 

It has cupped as a Specialty Coffee with jasmine, dark chocolate and lemon zest, a hint of sugar cane, and a minty, floral aftertaste. 

Roasted either medium or medium-dark to give you the perfect balance between taste and strength, and available as beans or ground. 

Sizes 350 gram/12 oz or 500 grams/16 oz. 

Virunga Arabica Coffee.jpg
The Virunga Range offers you Natural Arabica with notes of forest fruits with a syrupy mouthfeel almost jammy like. Very high sweetness from the cup with medium body and acidity.  This coffee performs very well in espresso, either on its own because of the high sweetness or in a blend.

Sizes 350 gram/12 oz or 500 grams/16 oz. 

Bunyonyi Arabica Coffee
And for caffeine lovers that love their strong, bold, and smooth taste, we offer a unique single origin, Highlands grown Robusta that is proving anything you thought you knew about robusta has gone out the door.

The Lake Bunyonyi Naturals coffee has hints of baker's chocolate and sweet spice, sugar cane and tropical fruit in the flavor, dried mango and a rustic spice in the aftertaste, well-rounded body coffee, 

Master roaster in Ireland testimonial: 
"I have never cupped anything like this when it comes to Robusta. There was no rubbery notes or unpleasant bitterness. Body was heavy with a very high sweetness almost cacao like. Cup was also very floral which shows attention and care during harvest and processing. Plan to enter this into the Robusta Barista championships".  

What's more?!

Our coffee is ROASTED AT ORIGIN. 

This means that about 70% more profit stays with our farmers, compared to the usual coffee business model! 

Most people assume that getting their coffee roasted at their fave local roaster gives them the freshest coffee...

IMG_0290 (1).jpg

...While that is true especially compared to buying off the shelf at supermarkets, the green bean that roasters use usually travels from the origin by sea and takes 2 to 3 months to get to destinations in the US before it is sold to roasters. Add in the processing time from harvest (another month) and that fresh coffee is already at least 4 months old!


Now for the good part - as direct grower groups, our coffee is fresh-picked and processed to green bean within the month. We then roast it directly at our facility, allow a couple of days' rest, and then airfreight the coffee to our global social enterprise partnering distributors. 

We only roast in small batches and ship out every 2 weeks,

giving you the freshest coffee possible. 

Choosing to buy and drink coffee that cares for our farmers and treats them right and aligns with conservation, you become part of powerful and sustainable changes.   

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