Coffee that sustains




Our Mission: 

Creating changes within, and through, coffee communities. By roasting coffee at the origin in SW Uganda, we ensure that coffee farmers receive Direct Trade prices, company employees receive fair and equitable livelihood, and mountain gorillas in our rainforests will not be poached by coffee communities.


Delivering this specialty arabica coffee direct to eco-conscious coffee consumers will support us to provide health and education needs and grow business opportunities in this region. We SEE differently (Social, Economic, and Environment) with stewardship and sustainability. 

Rugaya and woman farmer.jpg

"Women 's participation in conservation is crucial because they also participate in the destruction of the habitat through domestic roles like gathering medicine from forests, firewood, and growing crops too close to the gorilla's habitats. Educating and empowering them means increasing habitat protection". Regina Sanyu, Dian Fossey Foundation.

Creating our own coffee changes,

starting with these.


Beyond Direct Trade – where upwards to 60% more of the value will remain in-country of farmers by paying Direct Trade price differentials, as well as by roasting, packaging, and exporting directly from the country, thus increasing revenue value remaining in-country and providing skilled jobs and career paths.


Coffee that Conserves: Choosing coffee that supports conservation organizations. In our case, it is the Uganda Wildlife Authority. A percentage of our sales will be donated to them to help protect firstly our own Bwindi National Park, home of majestic noble mountain gorillas, then extend outwards to the regional Kigesi region and into other national UWA parks.

The right Y: We want to do the right things, the right way but more importantly, for the right why … Profit with Purpose.


Small is beautiful – Single-origin coffee with micro-lots of regional coffee demands selective distribution for our coffee. Small batch roasting delivered directly to coffee people like you.