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About us

Gorilla Highlands Coffee US is a direct trade partner of Gorilla Highlands Coffee in Uganda. We exist to bring this beautiful specialty coffee to the market here in the USA and to support the incredible work of the team in Uganda. 

The director of our USA business (Fiona) has years of experience in the coffee industry in Papua New Guinea, and a series of fortunate events led to GHC in Uganda. Immediately, Fiona was in love - with the people, the coffee, and the mountain gorillas. Using her experience she has worked with the team in Uganda to bring their coffee to the international market. 

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GHC is a business with a purpose and its main priorities are ensuring health coverage for the farmers, guaranteeing access to education for children, empowering women and preserving the environment. Revenues from the sales are re-invested in the community.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, GHC collaboration with one of its partners in the United States launched a food response package to the farmers, which included vegetable seeds and farm animals. 


Birunga Mary

Kampire Claudine 

Meet the team! 

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Fiona Tanner  

Director Strategy - Market Development


Fiona's experience in Papua New Guinea building an exporting coffee company with 2,345 certified organic and rainforest alliance members gives her the experience to lead this team in a bold new direction.


An eco-warrior at heart, Fiona is passionate about caring for farmers and caring for habitats. She leads the business strategy and brand positioning of Gorilla Highlands Coffee both in Uganda and in the global marketplace. 


Our commitment -  to SEE differently -  with Social, Environmental and Economical sustainable practices that empower women, create economic livelihood beyond farming and collaborate with the Uganda Wildlife Authority to provide opportunities to protect and sustain the mountain gorilla habitats and environment.

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Richard Rugaya

Director Supply Chain Social Enterprise Projects

Richard holds a Degree in Developmental Studies from Makerere University in Uganda as well as a Diploma in Business Studies. He has 10 years of experience in identifying and managing social enterprises with a focus on the empowerment of women and in developing strong communal ties.


He is enthusiastic about the development of the Kigezi region in rural Uganda thanks to agribusiness, tourism, and the exchange of common interests in sports and nature activities.


Richard's role as Founder of Gorilla Highlands Coffee Association and his Directorship in Noble Gorilla Foundation will contribute to the vision of growing the best organic coffee in Uganda and in bringing meaningful changes to his mountain gorillas community. 


Our team members and farmers at Gorilla Highlands

Coffee Association 

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Without our farmers and our dedicated team working with them in the field, where would we be?

Look for individual farmer micro-lot stories coming soon. 

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