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Protectors of the Gorillas

How Direct Trade Coffee and Gorilla Tourism Combat

Human-Wildlife Conflict & Poverty

How our "Profit with Purpose" core values support Conservation and Social Projects

We are committed to helping our frontline community members becoming Protectors of the Gorillas,  transforming Ex-Poachers of gorillas and other wild animals, to become Protectors and Champions for these creatures that are under threat. Silverback Gorillas are an endangered species and have been targeted by poachers as well as having their habitats disturbed by community needs. 

Furthermore, we are committed to helping Uganda Wildlife Authority rangers in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and Mghinga Park with donations of equipment they need to carry out their critical work, and to supporting their common needs through financial donations to their communal Savings & Loans funds.

By providing our front-line coffee farmers with opportunities that are more rewarding economically and emotionally than poaching and encroaching on gorilla habitats, by engaging them with gorilla and coffee eco-tourism, providing complementary income opportunities like beekeeping, and inviting them to become part of our Select Farmer Grand Crus coffee program,  we help to sustain the habitats of these gorillas.


In these critical times of COVID 19, we have been helped by Noble Gorilla Foundation has been funding us to implement a Nutrition Project, providing vegetable seeds, goats and chickens to get our farmers through this difficult time so that acts of desperation like the recent slaying of Rafiki, Silverback leader of the Nkuringo group in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, does not happen again. 



Coffee as a change-agent? Yes ... generating income for university fees and encouraging self-reliance. We want to include a further 3 schools in our program in the next 2 years. Each school costs $15,000 to implement and sustain the 4-year program. A total of $45,000 is needed to achieve this goal.


Needs funds to buy sewing machines and tailoring materials for our women and to build a resource center. In 2020  we need to raise $15,000.00 for implementing this.

Let's increase the number of farmers that we cover for medical insurance. We have 50 currently insured and have another 450 to include in the next 2 years. 

$20,000.00 will get us there.


Gorilla trekking and coffee tourism in our beautiful gorilla highlands habitats helps protect the gorillas and helps our farmers thrive, not just survive. Additional funding of $10,000 will keep this growing, or find out more about a gorilla trekking experience here


coffee cherries and hands.HEIC

Your choice to drink a coffee that cares, a coffee that conserves,

contributes to meaningful and purposeful changes.

We give a percentage of profits to support the work of Noble Gorilla Foundation that funds these projects.

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